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Laminated Glass

Laminated glass consists of one or more interlayer made of polyvinyl butyral(PVB) bonded together between two glass sheets under heat and pressure. And the laminated glass can be cut, washed or drilled as normal glass but when crack upon impact, the glass fragments tend to adhering to the protective interlayer rather than falling freely and potentially causing injury.

Laminatedglass has security, energy saving, sound insulating, U.V insulating… properties and thus was treated as a kind of safety glass.


-Various kinds’ colors.

-Top spotless when laminating.

-No unglued & discolor.


-Window, door and various furniture.

-Balcony rail& Construction.

-Shower room.

-Automotive Industry. 


-4-60mm, various thicknesses available.

-150x200- 2440x5600mm, different sizes available.

-Meet GB 9962, JIS R3205-2005, EN14449 and AS/NZS 2208-1996 standards.